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¿Exportar sin producir? El país tiene que identificar los sectores productivos.

December 30, 2017

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Midwood Ambulance in Brooklyn, a private service, has two new vehicles staffed by Chinese-speaking health care workers to respond to New York City’s growing Asian-American population. Credit Ángel Franco/The New York Times


In the back of a...

China's Year of the Monkey is coming, and there are sure to be countless primate-themed campaigns. The holiday isn't until Feb. 8, but Pepsi got a head start with a six-minute viral video that's had over 15 million views in a week. It's not...

 imagesource : http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/the-complete-beginners-guide-to-chinese-fonts--cms-23444


Simplified Chinese (or Chinese Simplified):


The written text (of Chinese) is used in mainland China and among people of Chinese o...

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