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Walmart has been a client of Lingua Franca Translations since 2016.

It is special to us to feature this case study, dedicated to The Walmart Foundation. We were hired to translate their logo, press releases, SEO, videos and other marketing materials into Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese, French Canadian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish in brief we provide global communications for Walmart.

In this specific case the Walmart Giving Team trusted Lingua Franca Translations with the important task of providing several options for “localized” (i.e., regional or dialectical) and culturally sensitive translations. The outcome was a tremendous success. Since then Walmart global corporate office hires LF Translations to provide localized language services into any language.

LF Translations provides global localization for Walmart Latin America, Europe and Asia in several departments such as Walmart Giving, Walmart Corporate, Corporate Affairs, Sustainability, and Global Communications. In addition, we translate also internal reports, video transcriptions and press releases.

Walmart’s success on a global scale is equally  Lingua Franca’s success. We want to reiterate our appreciation and gratitude to Walmart for trusting us with their global communications efforts. 

Covered California | Axis Agency
SEO translation
SEO translation

SEO translation? YES, that is necessary if you want to reach the Hispanic markets in the United States.


Lingua Franca Translations handled all translations for Covered Caifornia, the Obama Care program in California.  The project was to translate over 350 pages of keywords into Spanish for Google placement.  The challenge? Reduce the keywords into Google's requirements in word count, yet maintaing the Hispanic flavor and coherence as well as the way a Latino searches for affordable health care.

University of Miami | Opt First
Website Translation
Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic

Dolphin Mall / Taubman

Website / App / Press Releases / SEO Translation

Lingua Franca provided translation service to American Airlines through their Public Relations Agency from 2008 to 2012.  Lingua Franca Translations handled all translations for Press Releases in Spanish, Portuguese, and even Haitian Creole. The main goals: PR, advertising and marketing BUT most importantly to reach their diverse audience. 


American Airlines is a firm that needs translation and localization services for all Hispanic communities in the US as well as their clients in Latin America!  Lingua Franca developed the glossaries and terminology to reach all audiences cohesively and efficiently.


Lingua Franca Translations has been the go-to translation agency for the Taubman Group, providing translations services for the Dolphin Mall and Mall of San Juan.

We have successfully completed projects in Spanish, Portuguese and German which include marketing materials, press releases, websites, contracts, SEO keywords and Dolphin's mobile app.

Follow the links to visit Dolphin Mall's website below.

Prive Island Estates

Translation of Digital Marketing / Localization / Transcreation

Websites / Social Media / Blogs

Lingua Franca Translations translated the SEO campaign from English into Spanish for Covered California, a campaign conceived by our client The Axis Agency and the Axis team in California.

The translation was provided by LF Translations in Miami.


The challenge:

Spanish tends to use more words to convey the same meaning as in English, in which less word volume is used in general. The SEO system was designed inititally for languages that allow linguistics shortcuts and a limit of 24 characters per SEO search.


In addition, Spanish speakers tend to search in their native language thinking in Spanish and not in a shortened version of Spanish that sounds like English!


The campaign was delivered within a couple of days and it was a total success. As seen in this sample, the campaign comprises also PPC and other bilingual advertisement.

Client: American Green Technology English into Arabic Ref.: HRMS

Catalogue English

Catalogue English

Client: American Green Technology English into Arabic Ref.: HRMS

Lingua Franca develops highly-specialized technical translations of marketing materials from English into Arabic for AGT an American company that manufactures and distributes commercially viable, energy-efficient induction lighting solutions to domestic and international markets. 


Our team provided all files in their preferred layout software, InDesign, so that their graphic team would merely apply the pdf settings to send the file for print avoiding the difficulties of adapting the layout from right to left as opposed to the western system from left to right.

Lingua Franca  provided transcreation of several children's books for FIDEC from Spanish into English. 


The team at FIDEC was looking for a translation that would reach their audiences: Children and teachers who should grasp and feel familar with the topics and yet maintainig the same message as it was originally conceived in the original source in written in Spanish.


Ligua Franca Translations is a supporter of FIDEC and their mission to teach children all over the world to learn being healthy and happy.

Lingua Franca has provided transcreation and localization services for Jackson Health System in Miami and in Latin America.  Jackson Health System's audience includes patients from Calle Ocho as well as the local Miami Herald reader and the Business Class travelers, who might be doctors or simply potential patients who enjoy reading glossy magazines on their way back to Argentina, Colombia, Peru or Mexico.  Lingua Franca Translations assisted the marketing team and the Weihnbach Group, Jackson's PR agency, translating slogans, advertising, brochures, marketing materials and drafting localized messages for each one of these audiences in a language they would grasp and feel familiar, yet maintaining the same message for all.


The Experience

The Experience

The experience

The experience

credits page translator: marcela arbelaez

The experience

The experience

The experience

The experience

page detail translation credits: marcela arbelaez

The experience

The experience

full page view lingua franca translator: marcela arbelaez

5th Summit of the Americas

5th Summit of the Americas

American Red Cross


Every year the South Florida Chapter of the American Red Cross bestows, at its Annual Gala, The Spectrum Awards for Women.  Lingua Franca transcribes and translates the video interviews featuring the Honorees.  Last year, Lingua Franca transcribed 12/30-minute videos in record time and delivered them to the production team in charge of editing and airing the videos at the Gala event.


AT&T developed its campaign "PuedeEsperar" (It Can Wait) in collaboration with Lingua Franca Translations.  Lingua Franca transcreated the "DNT TXT-logo" and slogans into Spanish conveying the feeling of the English original source and the texting lingo to the Spanish target.


Since then, Lingua Franca has been the go-to agency for Spanish, Portuguese and even Vietnamese!, translating press releases, key messages, slogans, video and all marketing and advertising materials as well as public relations campaigns since 2012.

Lingua Franca Translations has been the language service provider of the Axis Agency since 2007. At Lingua Franca, we understand the skills necessary to achieve cross-cultural communications. We are also familiar with the pace of a busy public relations agency: fast turnaround, accuracy, versatility, and constant contact. 


The Axis team has engaged Lingua Franca from every region in the United States, from New York to California to Texas to Illinois.  For Axis, Lingua Franca translates press releases, power point presentations, advertising materials, annual reports, training videos, web content, SEO and biographies.


Lingua Franca’s approach to media and its understanding of cross-cultural communications make us the perfect partner for advertising and PR agencies that have cultural media in mind.

Vine Communications has a luxury line of clients.  Lingua Franca has translated websites, press releases, brochures, catalogues for Vine Communication's clients in the hospitality and gastronomy industries as well as health and entertainment.


Among their clients: NoBE House, Lucida, and The Miami Boat Show... Lingua Franca Translated all press releases into Spanish, Portuguese and French for this amazing venue. 


AIO, a spin-off cellular telephone company from AT&T, launched itself this year as the “new face of wireless.” Already the trusted translator for AT&T nationwide, Lingua Franca was engaged pre-launch by AIO to market itself to major Hispanic markets in the continental United States, including Florida, Atlanta, Texas, and Illinois.


Lingua Franca worked hand-in-hand with the national communications team providing transcription and translation services of all marketing materials, billboards, and local, as well as national, press releases.  Now AIO has rebranded to Cricket wireless.


At Lingua Franca, we possess the skills necessary to get multi-cultural messages across. We are also in tune with the fast-paced world of public relations and we have always been able to surpass Weber Shandwick’s expectations thanks to our professionalism, fast turnaround, and quality in our services. 


The Weber Shandwick team has engaged Lingua Franca in order to translate press releases, power point presentations, advertising materials, annual reports, training videos, and web content.

Lingua Franca Translations was first approached by RadioShack to handle a large project that involved both translation and interpretation. RadioShack was in need of some telephonic assistance for which an Ukrainian interpreter was required. Lingua Franca was able to set up RadioShack with the best team of Ukrainian interpreters with the necessary knowledge of technical terminology. Moreover, RadioShack also needed some assistance to translate several press releases and power point presentations, which Lingua Franca deliver promptly and accurately.

This prestigious magazine published all over Latin America decided to expand to English-speaking markets. For that reason, Lingua Franca Translations provided English versions of entire issues that included everything from articles to advertising. Lingua Franca Translations was able to capture the Latin flare of this magazine and transmit it that same emotion in English. On top of that, our capable design team delivered a ready-to-print final product that mirrored the original.

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