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Bentonville, AR, USA


Walmart has been a client of Lingua Franca Translations since 2016.

It is special to us to feature this case study, dedicated to The Walmart Foundation. We were hired to translate their logo, press releases, SEO, videos and other marketing materials into Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese, French Canadian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish in brief we provide global communications for Walmart.

In this specific case the Walmart Giving Team trusted Lingua Franca Translations with the important task of providing several options for “localized” (i.e., regional or dialectical) and culturally sensitive translations. The outcome was a tremendous success. Since then Walmart global corporate office hires LF Translations to provide localized language services into any language.

LF Translations provides global localization for Walmart Latin America, Europe and Asia in several departments such as Walmart Giving, Walmart Corporate, Corporate Affairs, Sustainability, and Global Communications. In addition, we translate also internal reports, video transcriptions and press releases.

Walmart’s success on a global scale is equally  Lingua Franca’s success. We want to reiterate our appreciation and gratitude to Walmart for trusting us with their global communications efforts.  


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