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USCIS Certified Translations

USCIS-Certified Document Translation Requirements

If you’re applying for the green card, citizenship, student visa, marriage green card, or if you need to apply for an O1 /O2 visa, an investor's visa or any other form of application for immigration status, there are a number of required documents that you need to provide to USCIS in order to prove that you are eligible.  


Every time you submit copies of foreign-language documents to USCIS, you must also submit certified translations in English of the foreign documents required by immigration. For the immigration application you would need to submit a copy of the foreign language originals along with the English translations and an affidavit of translation also called Certified Translation Certificate or Certificate of Translation Authenticity.


You must hire a certified translator or a certified translation agency to translate these documents.  All translated documents must include the signed certificate of translation to verify the accuracy of the translation.  Please make sure before you request the translations to assess if you need only the Translation Certificate, or if you must notarize it as well. Your immigration attorney or USCIS offices are the best sources of information for such purposes.


Contact us to learn more about the proper procedure to obtain USCIS Certified Translations for immigration purposes. Call us at:  786.408.3621

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