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Marketing for a Greener World

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Mondelez International marketing exec Chris Montenegro McGrath delves into sustainable growth strategies

Chris Montenegro McGrath is the vice president of global public affairs and sustainability and well-being for snack company Mondelēz International, which owns some of the world’s most recognizable brands like Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolate. McGrath’s role is critical in creating marketing strategies that empower the consumer and the company to grow healthfully. She delves into sustainable growth strategies with HE and discusses marketing in broad, global terms. HE: Your title is a mouthful! Can you break down your role and responsibilities for us? Chris Montenegro McGrath: I grew up in the marketing function with Kraft and now Mondelēz, leading brand P&Ls and then new product innovation teams for many years. Today, I co-lead the corporate and government affairs function of Mondelēz. I am responsible for our entire external stakeholders agenda—from governments to NGOs to social investors. I also lead our sustainability and well-being strategy. I’m particularly passionate about how these two areas help drive our business growth. It’s about how we can make a positive impact to some significant issues that our business is facing. HE: Can you expand on how sustainability and the external stakeholder agenda work together to drive growth?

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