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What is the difference between 'simplified' and 'traditional' Chinese characters?

chinese fonts simplified and traditional

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Simplified Chinese (or Chinese Simplified):

The written text (of Chinese) is used in mainland China and among people of Chinese origin in Singapore nowadays. This written form mainly evolved and was adopted after the end of civil war and the establishment of today's P.R.China in 1949, so you may also call it as a relatively “modern form” of Chinese text. The reason and purpose for the Chinese government to develop this simplified writing system is believed to be “simplifying the writing method, easing the effort in writing, and encouraging more people to become literate.”

Traditional Chinese (or Chinese Traditional):

The written text (of Chinese) that is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan nowadays. As its name tells, this is a traditional version that had been written by Chinese people for thousands of years. Although people in Mainland China and Singapore began to adopt the Simplified text after 1949, people in HK and Taiwan continued to use the “old” traditional text due to the political separation.The


Theoretically and at the beginning, they had no fifference except for the writing method of the Chinese characters!

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