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IoT Is Ushering in a New Era of Multilingual Communications

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Translation's future will call for increasingly high-speed services that are in keeping with the emergence of the mega-fast internet of things (IoT). Just as the IoT will transform our home and work lives by linking all sensor-enabled devices with on-off switches to the internet and each other -- thereby expediting an infinite number of tasks -- translation's future will require agencies to move data at almost instantaneous velocities to meet the demands of clients. But that's not all.

The future also promises to bring a growing emphasis on quantifying and measuring buying behaviors, and using analytic tools to determine metrics of success. There will also be a focus on "chunking" -- the act of converting words or phrases from one language into another where no parallel term exists -- by "chunking up," "chunking down" or "lateral chunking." Also on the horizon: an emphasis on more proactive rather than reactive localization; a drive toward more native feeling; the transition toward greater review than preparation time; and the much-increased use of video.

"the marketing team of Miami-based Jackson Health System met with its translation agency about reaching not only the local Miamian, but also Cuban-Americans. Also targeted were executives flying to Miami from different countries in South America to build alliances with Spanish-speaking officials of numerous hospitals providing an array of healthcare services."

Translation agencies will increasingly work with their clients in an interdisciplinary manner, where consistency will call for translation to be centralized, and progressive agencies will be called upon to maintain databases for clients in multiple languages.

It all adds up to one incontrovertible fact: Given the swift pace of technological evolution and the exponential increase in online content that will be arriving sooner rather than later, translation agencies will be called upon for near-immediate results.

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