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26 Words Your Latin Family Members Hilariously Mispronounce

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Growing up in a household that speaks English and Spanish can be tricky at times. There are some words that can't be translated into English and some situations that are better dealt with in Spanish. Language becomes flexible and sometimes gets all jumbled up with words mispronounced in hilarious ways. The best part is that everyone has a sense of humor about it.

Anytime I talked with my grandma and she mispronounced an English word or said it with a Spanish accent, it was such a fun back-and-forth to try to teach her to say it the right way, only to have her hit the same walls. We would be left in hysterics, and it ended up being a nice bonding time. Now, anytime I hear "Esprai" instead of "Sprite," I think of her.

Here are some words that your Spanish-speaking family might be mispronouncing.

  • Ask — "Axe"

  • Breakfast — "Brefas"

  • Candies — "Kendies"

  • Comma — "Coma"

  • Corn Flakes — "Konfleis"

  • Facebook — "Feisbu"

  • Focus — "F*ckass"

  • Kentucky — "Kentoqui"

  • Ketchup — "Kechu"

  • Kitchen — "Keychen" or "Chicken"

  • McDonald's — "Macdonal"

  • Netflix — "Neflis"

  • Nike — "Naik"

  • Pepsi — "Pexsi"

  • Pizza — "Peeksa"

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