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Lingua Franca Translations provides Cross-Cultural Communications:
Accurate and efficient translation, interpretation, transcription,
and production of a wide range of materials for industries as
diverse as law, health care, media, public relations, manufacturing,
pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, real estate,
education, energy and transportation.
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Arnet Pharma
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"I have worked with Lingua Franca Translations during my agency years and I have always been very satisfied with their final work product.


Now working at AT&T, Cricket and DirectTV LF Translations has been extremely valuable translating our brand in many languages. 


Their work product is culturally accurate and I know that I can trust their translations to always be culturally on point,  grammatically correct and most importantly I know they will ALWAYS deliver timely and fast whenever needed.


Alejandra Arango

Director of Communications

National U.S. Hispanic and Diversity at AT&T

" Lingua Franca Translations has delivered Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish translations for our brands.  All the cosmetic industry.  The projects have been as diverse as SEO, on-line marketing, brochures or web content.


The team at Lingua Franca always delivers on time and with the expected accuracy and speed needed in the marketing world. We are very thankful to have them as language solutions partners."


Rocio Machin de Toro
L’Oréal Luxe Travel Retail Americas

Kiehl’s, Armani, L'Oreal Brands

Initially we hired Lingua Franca Translations to help us translate Q&As for Hispanic Media interviews with a notable media company as eventually they translated press releases into Spanish and most recently they translated our website as well.   Their responsiveness,

turn-around time, and detailed translation allowed us to prepare better and execute a strong Q&A session ensuring that our key messages were communicated effectively in both languages.

Diana Pubchara

Chief Marketing Officer

Blanca Commercial Real Estate

Our non-profit organization is called FIDEC and we are very pleased with Lingua Franca Translations because of the quality of the translations and expedited turn-around. They deliver exactly what we asked for in a timely manner.  Our children’s book collection has been conceived with young readers in mind with the goals of promoting prevention strategies and fostering healthy habits. Lingua Franca Translations manages to keep the message of the books exactly how we wanted to convey. Our team at FIDEC will continue to use their services and will recommend them highly.

Caroline Schmidt
Marketing Coordinator

I have been impressed by the professionalism and seriousness of Lingua Franca Translations since my first interaction with them. They have always been responsive to my needs and the turnaround and quality of their translations has been outstanding. I will keep using their services and don’t hesitate to recommend them without reservations.

Tomas Abreu
Honorary Consul of Monaco

"In my line of business, communication is everything.  That’s why I always hire Lingua Franca Translations, when it comes to all my translation services. They understand writing for different industries and also how written language pertains to diverse regions of the US and internationally.  I highly recommend Lingua Franca Translations with their quick turnaround of translation services and impeccable language accuracy."


Jose Boza

President of Boza Agency

"Lingua Franca Translations (LF Translations) is an excellent translation service company that I use in my everyday practice of immigration law. Esteban Rios is especially helpful, responsive, attentive, and accommodating. He answers all of my emails fast, and gets back to me that same day with translation quotes and estimated times of completions.

When I need a deadline met, they at LF Translations

are more than accommodating and make sure

the job gets done. The team at LF Translations

is diligent and the translations are top notch.


I highly recommend them."


Stephania Bertoni

Weiss, Alden and Polo, LLC

Lingua Franca Traslations was remarkably attentive to the needs of AGT during a very busy and frantic time. We were handling multiple distributors on different continents and she was able to not only deal with my ever-changing demands, but the demands of our clients in the Middle East and abroad. Lingua Franca Translations is always responsive and professional and was attune to the culture and language required for the region. Lingua Franca Translations was initially competing with a local group in Dubai and won praise for the company's attention to detail and ability to convey the true message of the content. The Lingua Franca team is a real gem!


Meredith Jimenez
Corporate Communications Director
American Green Technology

When my company needed an Acceptable Use Policy translated into three languages, the text was returned

to me within 24 hours. Fast, professional, and complete from beginning to end!


Highly recommend Lingua Franca FOR ALL TECH BASED TRANSLATIONS!


Joseph Steen

Founder at Empower IT Group

"I highly recommend Lingua Franca Translations

for its highly professional, meticulous, rigorous,

and efficient work during a translation project on

which we collaborated, as well as for her kind and courteous rapport even under deadline pressure."



Kirk C Nielsen

Miami columnist at Poder Magazine - Televisa Publishing

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