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About Us

Our Team is Committed to Excellence

We are a boutique communications agency provider of translation, transcription, interpreting, subtitling, and closed-captioning services for IoT, corporate communications, and law firms.

We are the subject-matter expert when it comes to language solutions for international communications. A multilingual localization agency that boosts local businesses' success within the international realm. We offer a wide range of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, Swahili, Hebrew, French, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Serbian, German and over 200 languages.  

Our team comprised of PR-professionals, journalists and editors produce high-quality work on a wide range of topics tailored for legal publications, public relations campaigns, and technical journals in the United States, Europe, and South America. LF Translations provides copy services for small, medium, and large companies as well as high-quality content for print and electronic media.

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