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Enhance SEO with Podcast Transcription for Accessibility

Updated: Jun 6

Podcast Transcription Translation SEO
You Podcast Transcription and Translation

Podcasts attract millions of people around the world and many people from different places listen to podcasts of any kind, that’s why you need to reach and meet accessibility standards. When you capture and translate the podcast audio into text, you will add another accessibility factor to your podcast: Enhance your SEO outreach with Podcast Transcription for Accessibility!


Transcribing your podcast enhances user accessibility and improves search engine optimization. When you transcribe the audio content of your podcast or YouTube videos, you have already the material to add close captions or subtitles in the original language and translated to the language of your choice.


It will also increase your followers if you make the podcast sessions available to all.  Your audience will read the transcription and grasp the content and feeling of your podcast, appealing to a fan base you may have not even imagined would be interested in your podcast.

Podcasts are also very useful for web ranking purposes! Google Analytics will use a specific method that requires accurate transcripts. This helps your audio to be pitched into your viewers' search as they type specific keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is also a search engine promotion, helps your business grow consistently and enhances your website's traffic by improving the popularity of your site. It uses links on web pages, such as Google, to do that. The Search Engine uses a software called Spider which crawls around the webpage to assess what shall be the best ranking. Most of the things that the search engine crawler does is looking for keywords or phrases contained in the sites or in the documents embedded in your site, perhaps in your blogs or in your video or podcast in the form of a transcript of your new podcast!

Our expert team of skilled professional certified translators and transcriptionists will deliver a work product that is 100% accurate with an ultra-fast turnaround, and with various pricing options to adapt to your budget.

Contact us: LF Language Services!

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