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What is Multicultural marketing, and why is it important? 

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

What is Multicultural marketing, and why is it important? 
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The world is a melting pot of people full of diverse cultures and beliefs. Yet, in marketing, most brands only target their ads to appeal to a country’s majority culture. Omitting multicultural marketing leaves a huge pool of people unreached. Not only does it leave cultures and ethnicities completely unacknowledged, it means brands are missing out on entire demographics. That is a lot of sales potential that is unmet. Even if these demographics are investing in the brand, having a multicultural fan base means you must have a multifaceted campaign.

What does a Multicultural Marketing Agency do?

Multicultural marketing is an endeavor to sell a service or product to a specific demographic. Multicultural marketing is recognizing the different cultures and ethnicities in their fan base, and crafting a campaign to reflect that. The ads must consider the traditions, language, religion, and history of these different groups. This applies to not just different minorities within a country, but internationally as well.

Marketing agencies normally serve as a one size fits all operation. They do it all, from research to execution, attempting to reach a wide audience. When you are just trying to be seen by as many people as possible, this is the way to go.

When you want a more specific, delicate approach, go with a multicultural marketing agency. They specialize in highly focused research to reach a narrow demographic. They often have a good relationship with the target audience and intimately comprehend what will reach them. These agencies are used for more nuanced strategies, helping reach your audience in a more tasteful manner.

Engaging people in the appropriate context is vital. It’s like learning to speak a new language- one with no set rules, but a lot of varying history and tradition. What is ok in one culture is a vile insult in another. If you don’t know the difference, your ads risk falling flat or being offensive. Get it right, on the other hand, and you have earned the loyalty of a whole new group of buyers. Multicultural marketing can either make or break the growth of a company.

The Importance of Multicultural Marketing Training

Avoiding multicultural marketing is a major mistake for any company. There are some pitfalls though to avoid when you do choose to engage. It is essential that a marketer is well trained to help avoid falling into these traps. Not only must they know the language but also the nuance of cultural context. For example, with translations, literal translations don’t ever quite work. It’s important to understand the cultural and historical context as well.

It’s important to not come across as tone-deaf or superficial in ads. Deep-rooted social issues and other cultural nuances must be handled carefully and with tact. The same goes for understanding the different social boundaries. An ad that does well in more physically intimate countries might seem scandalous in more reserved cultures.

Lingua Franca Translation Services

We strive to serve our clients as the subject-matter experts for multilingual marketing solutions. contact us today to see what our multilingual translation team can do for you.

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